The idea was born in 1986, by Mr. Castellano Mariano, expert in the sector HI-FI CAR and CAR ALARM.  After years of first experience like agent, then he decided to be present in all over Italy, with an own company,  adding to these products the distribution of the electric window winders of first plant on all the cars and trucks and after that, he created Winner Life s.r.l.,  located in Casoria (NA- ITALY). In addition to be a distributor of important National and International firms in HI-FI CAR and CAR ALARM sectors, distributes: aerials, wirings, supports in plastics for loudspeakers and car radio, central door locks, flatcars, bridges, and loudspeakers, also for boats. In  1996 Winner Life s.r.l. constantly looking for new markets, aims towards Far East especially in R.P.C ., TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, THAILAND, MALESIA, becoming expert in the distribution of  the Local market and therefore Italian, putting on the market products with his own mark, letting it to be present in all over  National and International territory, especially in countries like:  SPAIN, GREECE, FRANCE, CROATIA and SWITZERLAND. The future purpose of  Winner Life s.r.l. is gain more and more market shares to be at the forefront like company of service.